“At some point, the body and mind together become fundamentally aware and convinced that the energy by which the body is pervaded is the same as that which illuminates the world and maintains alive all beings.”

Joseph Campbell

There is no finality in the presentation of Truth; it develops and grows to meet man’s growing demand for Light.

Alice BaileyThe Problems of Humanity, p. 139, (1944)


“..Light operates at all levels and hierarchies of reality. Light produces immaterial and substantial Lights, including immaterial intellects (angels), human and animal souls, and even ‘dusky substances’, such as bodies.“Suhrawardi



the Light which Shineth, which giveth you Light, is through him who enlighteneth your eyes, which is the same Light that quickeneth your understandings”

Theodore M. Burton

The Light of Christ is not a personage and is more ubiquitous and universal: “Wherever there is human life, there is the Spirit of Christ.” 

Boyd K. Packer“The Light of Christ”

The Light of Christ therefore includes not only spiritual Light but also physical Light, and is a key to understanding that form of energy which is represented by the Light we see all around us.



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