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I’m sincere about my reason to blog choosing the title, “Christian Addict“, because it is my Truth, my purpose, and my power in the Light. Accepting the Light early on in life, I committed to it without fear. Then my faith became a target, by the dark values of society, beginning a long battle for my Soul. I worked it out with my SoulSweat, becoming sensitive to the Systems. I want to give others this rare insight (Existential intelligence) and bring motivating, enlightening and thought provoking content to my readers.

Allegiance to God

waving my allegiance to God like a flag over my head!

Growing up Christian, I learned about the Truths of the Light. My Soul was nurtured as I committed to its precepts.This was my reality for years, adoring God and Christ and thriving in the Truth of the Light. My naivety was intact as I headed into the social world, waving my allegiance to God like a flag over my head!

..backwards loyalty and Soulless values.

My idea of a great life was all about living in the Light. I didn’t know that I was a rarity with my fearless, God-Worshipping self. I was open and talkative about it with my grade school peers, innocently living. Soon, I felt the sting of their judgement unexpectedly, alerted by its sinister composition. This was my introduction into societies backwards loyalty and Soulless values.

Lightsystems Darksystems

My adventures with this new threat would drag on for years. My life became an intimate tug-o-war with the Light and Dark. To honor my Spirit despite my human weaknesses became my theme. I was being shaped and sharpened through these #SoulSweat experiences. As my intuition developed, I saw the patterns, rules, and power behind every action or nonaction. It is the “Language of the Universe“, with a mathematical framework.

My life became an intimate tug-o-war with the Light and Dark.

This direction and Truth I received was through having prayerful conversations with God. Guidance, strength, and comfort is mine when I pray with sincerity. The answers come through as images, thoughts, and energies and I see the SYSTEMS that rule.


I chose the title, “Christian Addict“, because it is my truth, my purpose, and my power in the Light. I adore God and Christ and was a soldier in the Kingdom of God at a young age. My experiences with society early on gave me knowledge of the values of dark systems. It began a struggle between my mind and my soul, developing into a metaphysical sensitivity. Through sincere prayer, I received messages about the Truth of Life. That there are only two powers in this world, each systematically working for either the Light or the Dark.

This is my Truth and I hope it gives you some support. I look forward to hearing your insights and thoughts. We all have unique experiences and I’m excited to hear yours. I will be posting regularly, with more links, support material, and solutions. I’m grateful for your visit, please come again.

Faithless Moment

My mortality found
Of Which I am Bound..


RoseYou cannot committo this razor-sharp edge

Christ had a Claytab

.. And He shall come down from heaven among the children of men, and shall dwell in a TABERNACLE OF CLAY..

2 thoughts on “About The Author”

  1. Hi, this William Admin of “The Truth” @ Quora. I read your comment about being in a dark place on my space. I seen a sermon on YouTube that explains that we are clay jars or “tabernacles” shorty after reading your comment. I knew I had to read your blog. That is God guides me. I read your blog. I know what is feels like to be outcast because of belief or simply because you are not of this world. A lot of my pain comes from wanting to connect with a society that has rejected me because of my beliefs and the way I experience reality. I even have a difficult time identifying with most Christians these days. We live in a world where materialism and gread run rampant. Spiritual beliefs, virtue, and integrity take a back seat to worldly ambitions and desires. If you devote from societal norms you are ostracized and social marginalized. Feel blessed, because you are on a higher path. The spiritual journey you are on is not easy. It is full of darkness and despair. One day it will make you appreciate the light all the more. The activities of this world, although seductive, are fleeting and superficial, compared profound significance of your spiritual journey and quest for the light. Look to hear from you soon.

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