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The Dancer and Essential Tune

My Curse by Killswitch Engage


My Lucid dream as depicted below with my emo language.. meant to be expressive and stark. This poem kept swirling around inside me, for days and then I really looked through the glass and saw my path… Relieving stressful emotions through poetry or expression is my number one coping technique. Do you have expressive coping techniques that work for you?

The “Dancer”




and… Dancing…

Under the Starrrrrssss


All I see are stars

as I am looking for

my partner’s face.. 

which is lost in the


I can FEEL Him…. and..I know Him. He knows me! We’ve been here before.. We LOVE the dance.. We are Intoxicated by OUR Dance!!  Moving.. Twirling ..Embracing hands.. moving fiercely about.. Surrendered.. to the beat.. Falling Deeper and Deeper Into our Salient emotion.. Embracing.. Letting Go..Falling into..Tearing away.. Imprisoned by excitement.. knowing ONLY OUR Dance.. Proving.. myself inside Our Dance.. Shifting..Touching.. Our Feet move, Faster and Faster and Suddenly I cannot Keep Up! So I Cling to the Dance And try not to Fall. WHO AM I DANCING WITH!? Heart fluttering.. I Shift my attention towards this perceived danger.. my “partner”. Erased and Forgotten is my Previous Adulation….I was Surprised.. I’m with Him again… And this Dance..Is not Ours.. It is Ancient..And Danced to the T..With many other partners than me..My Heart Knows..He is Dashing! And I’m flushed, By His Abilities. But the Hurt is returning…I know He has Me again..His Eyes…A “LIAR” they say, Tearing cobwebs away..In my mind’s eye…

Who am I dancing With? Seeing my mistake for choosing to dance with him again As He is Stronger  and Bigger than I realized A more skilled Dancer .. Who does not Love me..

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Hi I'm writing about my life's experiences to bring light on them and to share how I was transformed by them.

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