My Priceless Find for Healing..

The Women in Depth Podcast:


This is a wonderful new tool for me, this podcast. Here are subjects it will address:







Self Acceptance


And other areas connected to the emotional and psychological well being of others.

The first episode is one of my favorites. Here are some key wording I liked.. “It’s about shining the light into the shadows of this experience at what lies beneath the surface, hidden, misunderstood or feared..”

“Being human involves suffering and pain.. “ “..even if we think we are avoiding these difficult places, they are impacting us in some way..””there is a price to pay for not paying attention.. Or honoring these aspects of our life.” “There is no shadow without light, or light without shadow, one cannot exist without the other.”

“Experiences that are the most painful.. Are the ones that lead to the most significant growth..and transformation..” “it isn’t about wallowing in self pity, or glorifying pain, focusing on the negative, being pessimistic, or being stuck in the past.. Its about facing our fears with intentionality..talking about the things needed to be talked about, in order to heal and move forward.. . exploring these areas enough, so that they no longer hold us hostage or impact us in negative and unconscious ways..”

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