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Words Are Our Gift

I’m grateful for, my gift of words, and how powerful it is. Choosing words to uplift others, is something I can claim as good faith on my part. Having just read read about it this morning, out of the book “The 5 Love Languages”. There was a quote that read, “The tongue has the power of life and death.” reminding me, of my teen years, when my “tongue” was used more than once, to cripple or handicap another person.

My family felt my acumen for damaging feelings the most, often making my sister’s cry. It’s not a fine memory, having felt so awful around doing it, that I had to stop. So, after high school, I turned in my badge of honor, and kept my mouth shut. This was huge for me, staying still, keeping the words at bay.

My expressions haven’t touched the core of another in years. It would’ve been easier to stay inside my fortress of wordplay, but that isn’t me. We all have a choice to use our words responsibly. It’s easy to elevate ourselves over another by how we talk to them. It’s also lowly and cowardly to do so. Elevating others by word use will benefit them and us, creating a ripple effect touching many more lives with our positive energy. A simple little choice to shift a word or two around.. NLM


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